Buying and Selling the finest records in the Greater Boston Area

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For Buyers. 

You'd expect a music store to have records. And we do- over ten thousand of them, with many items out of print for decades. But we also sell over 700 limited edition shirts, buttons, books, badges, concert videos, and unique CD's. All available at our store in Littleton, MA. 
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For Sellers. 

Do you have a collection that is currently gathering dust? Maybe in an attic or that you recently inherited? If so, stop by our store in Littleton, and we can help you get a fair price for every item you have in a single afternoon.  And to help you get started, check out our e-book below. 
Awesome collection of used records. I have purchased many albums here at reasonable prices and all have sounded great!! Very knowledgeable owner and staff, who are extremely helpful!!

Tim Landers

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Testimonial 1 for Vinyl Vault in Littleton MA Tim Landers
Stopped in today to peek around and picked out Led Zeppelin's "Presence."

Unfortunately my card was declining, and the purchase couldn't be made. The guy inside (didn't catch his name) told me to take the album anyways. He said "Just take the album, we'll catch ya next time!" So here I am jamming out at home with this record! Such a kind and generous person. I can tell how much they value the customers and the music over profit. I will be getting the money to them ASAP and will be back to shop around. Stop in, even to just look around. They have a great collection.

Randy Wanamaker

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Testimonial 2 for the Vinyl Vault in Littleton MA- Randy Wanamaker