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5 Places to Buy Records in Massachusetts you have to try.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 18, 2017 11:23:35 AM / by Daniel Shnaider

 Armageddon Record Shop- where to buy records in the greater boston area

Where to buy Records in the greater Boston Area? Well. us, and obviously, we'd love to have you in our store every day. The problem is, until Greg finishes his trans-dimensional vinyl dispensing unit, no record store is going to have every single item you'll want. So here are some of the stores in the area we like and buy from ourselves.


5. Mystery Train- Gloucester-

A large brightly lit store beautiful city, The Mystery Train has two great benefits that earn it the first Mystery Train-where to buy records in the greater boston areaspot on this list.

A. It has a fantastic selection of 'starter' records- records an experienced collector may already have, but a newbie to the hobby is going to need.

B. In the summer, you can drop off significant others at the beach or downtown to get a few hours to hunt through the stacks.

We know the owners, they are great people, and they have a great in store credit policy. Definitely check these people out!


4. Newbury Comics- Any of their 12 locations.

Newbury Comics was the second record store this author went to after the Vinyl Vault. They sated his desire for reprints of items he had to have and also have a great selection of band shirts, some decent start record players, and, well, comics. Honestly, we'd rank them higher on the list but depending on the location you go to, their stock can be a bit limited, and the quality of the records can be difficult to gauge unless you are a seasoned collector already. Our advice- check them out for anything that the kids listen to these days you need to have, buy a Star Wars stormtrooper for your desk, and make very certain that any classic album you choose to buy was lovingly reproduced from the original vinyl record.


3. The Record Exchange-Salem This entry might as well be known as- Record Store, The Record Store. Do you like Records? They've geot em. Do you like hunting for hours through a dizzying selection? They have that. Do you like sitting on the floor and pulling out stacks of records because the store owner filed the records lengthwise and its impossible to read the sides? We've got a store for you!

Seriously, though, Salem is a great town, the store is a fun place to visit, the selection will impress you. Enjoy.

2. The Vinyl Vault- Littleton, MA.

Like you didn't know this one was coming. We're unique because we aren't just a record store- though we have 40,000 records in our inventory, we also sell some fantastic vintage T-shirts you can't find anywhere else, badges, concert DVD's, books and CD's that aren't normally available to all but the most avid collectors. We've got the best blues collection in New England and what really sets us apart is our ability to help new users tweak the sounds they have with helpful recommendations that are hard to get just from online searches.

But that's enough plugging for now. The Number 1 Record Store you have to check out, besides us, is

1. Armegeddon Record Shop- Cambridge.

Armegeddon didn't get this spot because they offer a good experience (they do), or even the collection they offer (which is also very good). They got this spot because as far as we can tell, they are one of the last underground shops left alive-places devoted to music that isn't just mainstream, the band may not even have a record deal yet. They specialize in Indie Rock, Punk, and Heavy Metal, and even if you aren't a fan of those genres, Armageddon is worth visiting because they may have music that you can't just find anywhere else, it may not exist anywhere else.

Also, you get to go home and tell your family that you experienced Armeggedon today. That has to count for something.

What do you think of our list? Who did we miss? Who would you have ranked differently? And where do you find records in the greater Boston Area? Comment below, and let us know!


Before you visit any of these stores, definitely check out some of the music you can expect. You can get some updates on what we get in before anyone else right here. 


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Daniel Shnaider

Written by Daniel Shnaider

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