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4 Great Sound Systems for the Audiophile on a Budget.

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 27, 2017 4:13:13 PM / by Daniel Shnaider

Sound is one of those things you either appreciate or you don't, and if you are in the latter category, we are sorry we have wasted your time. Please Enjoy this picture of two kittens in a tea cup, instead. 

a kitty picture from a  good record store in littleton

For everyone still here, Sound improves exponentially with good equipment, but good equipment is usually expensive. So if you are just getting started, or are looking to replace what you have with your modest tax return, here is a list of 5 pieces of tech you'll need to check out first. 

4. Sony Micro Music System- I owned one of these in College and when I got my first apartment- the sound is loud, crisp and accurate, and processing system is a bit old but still does a decent job. At less than $200, it will go toe to toe with a $500.00 rig.... EXCEPT IT DOESN'T HAVE AN RCA IMPUT, so if you choose this set for your living room, and you don't have a mid range turntable, you're going to need a ten dollar converter. 

3. Marshall Stanmore Speaker- I use one of these now, and honestly, I'd have this 11 pound Behemoth of a portable sound sytem my number 1, if these heavy hitters didn't cost $350.00 a pop. But the styling is unmatched by any speaker in its class, it has enough imputs to handle your TV, your record player, and your Ipod all at the same time, and the sound is unmatched- the first time I turned it on I literally felt like Freddy Mercury had popped into my bedroom and started singing at me. Marshall built the bulkiest speaker in its class, but crammed it full of high grade components, its own dedicated subwoofer, and tweeter. As a system, the Stanmore was designed for retro music lovers like us, so it is definitely a piece of equipment to add to your wish list. 

Marshall Stanmore from a  good record store in littleton

2.NHT Superzero 2.0 - From the legendary NHT comes from a rebuild of one of their most popular speakers- and at $198 for set of two, it is probably the best sound speaker you can buy for the price. So why is it only #3?

Logistics- You'll need a receiver to enjoy this speaker at full potential, and since it is fairly small, you'll want to complement with a subwoofer. Think of this entry less as a full system you can plop into your living room today and more like a brick that you can use to build your dream surround system. 

1. Audio-technica LP60- Audio Technica builds probably the best turntables for the value you can find anywhere, and the A2+ are well balanced and can easily fill any reasonalble space. They look is classic, yet modern, and will serve you well for years.

If you are new to classic rock and blues, and wondering what to listen to the with sound system you are considering, check out our guide below. 

Great Spotify playlists here. 

Daniel Shnaider

Written by Daniel Shnaider

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